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The act of using your hand to rub your partner's belly after a good meal or just because! This is usually pleasuring for the one being rubbed.
Partner one: Oof! I'm full...
Partner two: You sound like you need some belly rubs.
by HauntingLikePenis October 13, 2016
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When your dog lays down on his back and sticks his belly out for you to rub! Gotta love it, it's so cute! :)
by Innocent Girl January 03, 2005
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if a man wants to fuck a woman he could use this expression. it implies he has a large enough cock and a hard enough boner he could "rub her belly from the inside" when he fucked her.
hey babe, wanna a belly rub
by dirty.diana June 27, 2009
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When you rub someone's stomache and give them anal through their belly button without consent
Hey sir, would you like a belly rub?
by gucci_fridge June 15, 2019
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