Man I can't wait to get a belly full of piss tonight
by broomy486 February 27, 2012
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A woman who swallows cum after oral sex
I wont need any dinner this evening I have a belly full of cock snot!
by clicker head October 12, 2005
The act of smoking a cigarette after eating a large amount of food and having a full stomach. The satisfaction of a full stomach strongly compliments a cigarette.
Yo i just ate 10 mana burgers in 10 minutes.... definitely time for a full belly boge. Prettah bade///
by Naheez July 12, 2011
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When you drink so much water you can feel it in your stomach.
Person A: I'm hearing water in my stomach when I move!
Person B: Looks like you have a belly full of water.
by ChameleonDragon February 20, 2018
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