One who supports Justin Bieber through everything. Fake "beliebers" are the ones who only come back when he is successful and doesn't defend him. Those aren't even considered close to being beliebers actually they're considered irrelevant to the actual Beliebers.
*Justin gets arrested *
*Justin is rude to paparazzi*
*Justin gets into a heated argument with a celebrity*
*Justin dates someone you don't like*

Fake fan: I never liked Justin Bieber. He's famous for no reason.

*Justin is successful *

Fake Fan: I'm so proud of him. I'm happy I supported him for so long. I love him so much. I'm a proud Belieber.
by 3hunnithoe April 27, 2016
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A person who loves Justin Bieber with all of their heart. They will never leave his side no matter what happens, and have been there since day one. Beliebers don't care what Justin does, he is still perfect to them.
fake fan: "What's Kidrauhl?"
belieber: "I cant associate with fake beliebers like you gtfo."
by carlizzle swizzle December 25, 2017
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