A fan of Justin Beiber, the teeny-bopper pop "artist" who spits on his fans and drag races for fun. Beliebers are more than fans, they are crazy, rabid, 12 year old girls who faint at his concert and etch their idol's name into their arm frequently. Usually associated with Directioners.
Person 1: Dude! That little girl just slapped me... I was listening to my earbuds, and it wasn't Justin Beiber music, so she slapped me.

Person 2: You mean the one over there with "I heart JB" scribbled on her forehead? Oh yeah. She's a Belieber.

Person 1: Yikes...
by OnlyJustAPerson October 04, 2015
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One who is particularly inspired by Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber. Often greatly confused seeing as Justin Bieber is more than likely a female confused about her gender, with the voice of a small school girl.
The beliebers are going absolutely insane as Justin struts onto the stage!
by Lowbar April 29, 2013
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1) a person who believes in Justin Bieber and everything he does. 2) somebody who loves Justin Bieber and will always support him as a singer, musician, person, and inspiration. 3) some one who knows everything there is to know about Justin Bieber. 4) somebody who can bring up Justin Bieber in every sentence without realizing it and talk about him for hours. 5) a fan of Justin Bieber who who likes everything about him and when people find a reason to make fun of him, a Belieber will come back with a reason to love him♥
by scw1997 August 31, 2010
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a girl or boy who are obbsesed with the super sensation star Justin Bieber they know where and when he was born they know almost everything about him
look at all those beliebers
by mrsbieber4ever March 05, 2013
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A Dedicated fan of an amazing creature named Justin Bieber. They have a room full of his posters and are NOT little 12 year old girls who scream all the time. Beliebers are the biggest fan base, making up 34%of the world's population and 95%of twitter. They are so amazing they are in the dictionary and have their own Wikipedia page.
Fan: I luv Justin Beiber so much!!!!111!!!
Belieber: I love Kidrauhl.
Fan: Who??
Belieber: GTFO.
by Jus10Beebur December 29, 2012
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A religion that girls have,they worship justin bieber like a god and read his biography,the bible they claim bieliber is the fastest growing religion.
Girl:OMjB LieK IzZzZz FoNdS dEs SUnG caLlZzzZ oNe TieMz nD Izz WaZ LieKs WorShipsInG HiMs BeCauSe OfZZz HizZZz GraTnEssS nD alL dEm BoOdIsTs bE hAtiN' CauSe DeY weSheS ThEy WuzzZZz GoD
Me:Woah,I think you need to stop being such a sucky belieber and start worshiping something REAL justin bieber was only around for 17 yrs.
Girl:I ReaD IzZzZ BbiBle anDZz iS saYzzZ h3 WuzZ reBoRn I reaDzzz IzzZzzzZ BbIble xXxxX999999
by Anynomunus May 24, 2011
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