Predominant weight gain in a woman’s abdomen that could easily be mistaken for pregnancy, but is actually the result of substantial beer consumption
“I can't wear this shirt, my beer baby is showing"

“It’s Friday, my beer baby is thirsty
by iheartbeers March 18, 2011
The unfinished beers found the morning after a party, usually containing anywhere from two full sips of beer to a nearly full beer can. Beer babies usually result from beers turning warm because they aren't drunken quick enough, or one sets their beer down and is unable to find it when they go to pick it back up.

Due to the high cost of beer, beer babies are highly frowned upon.
Nick: Dude, I was so drunk last night. I literally had 27 beers. I'm such a tank.
Kevin: Yeah, okay. That's plausible. I bet 23 of those beers were beer babies. We all know you start yackin' after 7 beers. Pussy.

Nick: I guess, I am prone to laying down a beer baby here and there
by 7Raulphie June 22, 2011
A whiny craftbeer drinker.usually under 25 yrs of age. spends his/her time living in parents basement and hoards bottles ,labels ,openers and seldomly actually drinks the beers he /she trader for. Usually just brags about owning it ,then trades for something else. Seldomly seen in bars as they are cheap little kids who will spend tons shipping beer but won't pay bar prices or tip.
last night at the beer fest I felt like I was annoyed by a beer baby who whined all night long.
by grumpy beer drinker November 16, 2012
Excess weight around the belly area, often caused by sustained beer drinking over time. Typically male.
"Hey John, want to grab a beer and movie today?"
"No dude. Me and my baby beer are taking a break from all that."
by chocolatesoldier March 7, 2017