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Bedford is the armpit of the entire state of Indiana. Most the people there rednecks, meth addicts, or think the have their own photography business. Bedford is located in Lawrence county, which has the highest per capita obesity rate, drug activity, and limestone production in the state. The city also is well known for spending a million dollars for a sidewalk on a main street and everyone walks on the other side of the road when they should've spent the money on educating the youth on how to use condoms and what the use of methanphetamine and heroin does to your teeth. If you don't smoke weed you're shit and if you don't lose your virginity by 11 just kill yourself. Bedford is not a place you want to live. Do not trust anyone from this town. They will steal. Bedford is a shithole.
Visitor: What is there to do around here in Bedford, in?
Resident: Meth.
Visitor: Love to do it on the daily!
by Kms102 May 15, 2017
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