Bedford North Lawrence High School (BNL) is a high school located in southern Indiana, about 30 minutes away from Bloomington. BNL is known for their outstanding teen pregnancy rates and underage drinking. BNL is also known for having a different principal every school year due to scandalous acts. Your closest friend will stab you in the back in a accumulative of about 0.2 seconds. Hicks will fill your lungs with black smoke and try to run over your car as you're pulling out of the parking lot. Popular kids will stand in the middle of the stairwells and strike up a conversation. There are a total of 3 black kids in the school, maybe. Everyone believes they are either a photographer, a model, or an artist. If you don't smoke weed everyday, then you're a pussy. If you aren't getting drunk of the weekends, then you might as well kill yourself.
by sasiblaqqurl September 1, 2012