Used to describe a short white female. They usually pretend to be ‘indie’ or ‘emo’ to cover up for their basic personality. They can commonly be seen wearing fishnets tights, a staple of their breed. A Becky can always be seen with a boyfriend. She is normally very popular and is surrounded by people of the similar type.
Boy1- ‘have you seen that new girl Becky? She’s so indie and cool’
Boy2-‘nah fam she’s a sket who pretends to be interesting for coitus’
by Bronebro June 28, 2020
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The name Becky comes from the Greek name Rebecca meaning ‘big footed girl’.

Beckys are typically kind hearted, however will turn into the devils spawn at the instant they are hurt. If they don’t not get their way, no one does.

Becky’s are mostly known for their desirable bond to get on with all geography teachers of any age and gender, making her a good friend.

With all this good comes some bad, Becky likes to stick her fingers in her ears, often eating the wax via licking of the finger. As does everyone, Becky has a soulmate, who are destined to meet and start a friendship, possibly something more, her soulmate is most commonly known by the name Daniel, who is a cool person to be around, perfect for the loving Becky.
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by Foxy Roxy u kno who April 06, 2020
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