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A bebo Fame kid is someone who is very popular on the website Bebo. These "Fame Kids" are usually scene and are notorious for their pictures.
How do you become a fame kid? you may ask?
Well, first you need a bebo. these Fame kids get their fame by adding random people, adding tons of pictures, and getting tons of comments on your pics. You may have lots of friends and pictures, but if you dont get over 10 comments, your not bebo royalty material. Some bebo fame kids are Doogle, Gee Von Gore, Tori Tears, Kiki Kontagious, Dolly Diamonds, Chris Chimera, etc. There are lots of groups on bebo called the Bebo fame kids top 10 or something like that. Point is, Bebo Fame kids are kids on bebo who are very popular.
Bebo Fame Kids Top ten:
Gee Von Gore
Tori Tears
Rosie Razor

"Ohh, you are soo bebo royalty!"
by BriannaBarbiee February 21, 2009
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