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Can also be called B.W.C. for short
This pretty much describes what an extremely attractive girl has to go through because all the guys (and some girls---gross!) want to get with her even if they have no chance because they're a loser with no lifelong goals or decent personality or they're unattractive.
Plus, certain people don't even know whether or not they have a beautiful personality, but they simply just lust after them because they're so "hot."
In addition to that, people often hate on them because of the stereotype that "all cute girls are stuck-up" or other dumb stereotypes like "all cute girls are hoes and sleeping with everyone."

But, as we all know, their beauty can be a blessing and a curse, so most beautiful women roll their eyes and just laugh at the haters and losers that love or hate them. Beautiful women know they're attractive and so do their friends and family; most are very confident, but can be humble and down to earth. Beautiful women are often judged too quickly.
I think that the whole idea behind Britney Spears' song "If You Seek Amy" is based on the beautiful woman's curse. Brit can really relate to this!
by PrincessR November 26, 2009
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