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Why would you buy a pair of good earbuds when you can get these for twice the price and half the sound quality? Shit son, they're even endorsed by Dr. Dre himself, and, like any celebrity, he wouldn't make false claims about product quality in exchange for large piles of money, right?

Sarcasm aside, these earphones are piles of shit (even when you get a pair that isn't a cheap knockoff from China). The only people who think they're "quality engineered" (according to none other than Monster's marketing department) are people who have never before used earbuds other than the even shittier Apple earbuds included with iPods/iPhones, or spent more than $10 on a pair. They only spent the money on these after seeing them in the latest pop/rap video on MTV, and decided to spend way too much because someone famous said they're cool.

Seriously, spend your money on something better, like Klipsch, Bowers & Wilkins, Sennheiser, Etymotic, Sony, V-Moda, and pretty much anything else that costs more than $60 and isn't endorsed by a celebrity.

Though if you only listen to Nikki Minaj or Justin Bieber, then fuck it, you only care about the bass and/or being popular, so go ahead and blow your parents' money on them.
"Cool" Earbud User: Hah, u dumb Apple earbud user, u should try my Beats by Dr. Dre Tour headphones and experience an ear orgams.

Normal Person: Um, these are Klipsch S4i earbuds, just because they're white doesn't mean they're Apple. And I'm guessing you define "ear orgasms" as "ear drum-raping levels of bass"? Here try these.

"Cool" Earbud User: What the fuck, what, what is this I'm hearing?!

Normal Person: It's called sound quality, something you look for when you listen to music that isn't just bass with autotuned lyrics.
by unhactagain November 20, 2011
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insanely good earbuds from Dr. Dre & Monster. They have really good bass, yet still manage to sound great with everything else. Find a good deal on eBay if they are too expensive.

A million times better than the shitty apple earbuds
Lame Earbud User: Dude my apple earbuds go so hard man!!

Cool Earbud User: No they don't, you are just stupid; try my beats by dr. dre tour earbuds.

Lame Earbud User: *experiences an orgasm in the ear* Wow, these are a million times better!
by FerrariDude December 16, 2010
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