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A guy who looks tough and macho perhaps with tattoos and facial hair but acts like a whiny little girl and complains about things that are ridiculous.
Bearded lady: "Tattooing is a hard job."

Roofer: "Quit being a bearded lady, you work indoors and sit and draw all day."

"I don't play sports because I don't want to hurt my hands."
"Don't be a bearded lady!"

See also: Macho Mary
by Bigote Grande November 02, 2010
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pubic hair applied from a mans genitle area onto the womans face.
You jizz on the girls face and then shave your pubes and apply pubic hairs to her face. Hence bearded lady
by Erik Largo Hansen February 12, 2011
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A term given to the oddly dressed gent sporting a beard and a well maintained ladylike bun type hairstyle.
Wow there is lots of bearded ladies at the shopping center today, is the circus in town.
by S F R June 05, 2015
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A name given to an overweight male who has a set of man boobs and a beard.
"Check out the tits on that guy over there"

"Yeah man, he looks more like a bearded lady!"
by Live4TheWeekend December 22, 2007
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when a girl is giving a blowjob, and you have her panties in her mouth.
they hang down like a beard.
man, last night she was a total bearded lady.
by SpaceAce August 04, 2006
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