The best solution to any problem. A sort of spiritual band-aid that's only effective when used by men.
Dude, my girlfriend dumped me, but I grew this beard and now I feel great!
by sweatervest December 04, 2009
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The term 'Beard' is used to describe a person who is being used by another person to cover something up. This can range from gay men using a girlfriend as a beard to make people think he is straight, or someone using a friend to make people think they are hanging out with them when really they are with someone else.
Jimmy has dropped his beard girlfriend and finally admitted he is gay.

Amy is just Hannah's beard, I heard Hannah was really with Tom last night...
by uberbecky January 02, 2010
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when a gay man and a gay woman date each other to hide that fact that they're gay
I know they are doing beards, but everyone else may not know it.

It may be safe to do beards.

4 students in the GSA were doing beards.
by Musichead2468 April 26, 2011
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A common word used to address a homosexual's female friend who he takes around town; he normally calls this companion his "girlfriend" to prove to the world that he is a masculine, football watching, titty grabbing heterosexual male. Although, he may think that this so called 'image' is working, he's actually fooling himself. It's completely obvious to on-lookers that he is a flamboyant homo. Gayer than a chihuahua in pink shades.

Here are some warning signs that you may be a beard...

1. He wears more makeup than you.
2. He looks fucking FIERCE in pictures 'cause he smiles wit' his eyes.
3. Uses bronzer as blush
4. Plucks his own eyebrows and his eyebrows look more groomed than yours.
5. Stands with hands on his hips.
Who the hell does Gayfron think that he is fooling? We all know that Vanessa Hudgens is his beard.

Have you ever watched Sunset Tan? Nick's beard sort of looks like a tranny.
by Sharkie Sharks September 09, 2007
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Cover, bamboozle, con, a fake or false front, to mislead. A minimal deception with the intent of making it easer for others to ignore that which is obvious. Not a real deception to those who would see the truth. A concept from the homosexual "Beard", carried to its true more universal usage.
He drove a late model domestic SUV as a "beard" to cover his true wealth.
by Santa Jeff November 30, 2013
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Facial hair which usually grows only in men's face. A beard is one of the most essentially manly attributes; in the middle ages kings would swear oaths by their beards, and saying that a man doesn't honor the beard on his face was one of the worst insults.

Beards start growing during puberty and are, therefore, an external signal of sexual development.

Some women unfortunatelly can't appreciate the manly awesomeness of a beard, for they're influenced by the wrong mentality, propagated by Gillette, which deems men with uncut beards as impolite or careless.

Sporting a beard means you have a cool and positive attitude towards your body, your image and your individuality, but beware: if your beard is too long, you'll look ugly/stupid/like a socialist pot head. If you were stupid enough to stand your beard itching because you thought it would be cool to have a very long beard, you're a provincial fool and you deserve that women run away from you.
I like Mark's beard, he looks manly and cool.
I hate Joe's beard, he looks like a jerk with that absurdely long beard.
by Barone June 29, 2013
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Beards are definately cool. Whether you have a beard or not, respect the power of the beard, think of how many different types of people have a beard. I dont like steriotyping but, Stoners, Moshers, Gangsters, Skaters, Bikers, Pimps, the list goes on. Everyone loves a beard and if you get it right it looks smart as fuck.
Bill Bailey - 'My eventual aim is to grow my beard, plat it into my pubes and play it like a harp'
by (*Sean*) October 11, 2006
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