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Same as "duck, duck, goose" except the word duck is replaced with beach and the word goose is replaced with bitch.
Basic rule explanation: Everyone sits in a circle except for the person chosen to be "it". They walk around the circle tapping the heads of the people saying "beach" or "bitch". The person claimed to be bitch then chases the person chosen to be "it" and, if "it" gets back to the bitch's old spot before the bitch, the bitch becomes "it".
This game has advantages over duck, duck, goose as a game because, unlike duck, duck, goose, the words beach and bitch sound somewhat similar to each other. The chosen bitch will have to take slightly more time to realize that they were chosen to be bitch, giving "it" a higher advantage in the chasing portion of the game. It also allows the person chosen to be "it" to call people a bitch and get away with it by saying, "I would have never called you a bitch if we weren't playing beach, beach, bitch."
I played Beach, Beach, Bitch with a group of 50 people once.
by CancerAndEbolaPatient May 01, 2018
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