Gone and done lost their mind. A total lunatic.
A bitch all in my face, this MF be spittin.
by Mslorilove June 27, 2020
the act of or urge to freestyle or rap.
Dude on the corner had an ill beatbox, Couto just started spittin
by Nino: Dj Ugly January 27, 2009
1.)To rap.

2.)To Shoot
1.)"He started spittin'. He said something something hot" -- K-Os (Freeze)

2.)"My Soldiers Gettin' At You. Full Clip Is Spittin At You. You Duck and Stuck In Position. Just Like A Fuckin' Statue." --Xzibit (Muthafucka)
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY February 12, 2005
(to spit)
1. to proposition a female for the purpose of getting her phone number. Usualy to begin some form of courtship.
Yeah dog I be spittin' at all the ladies.
by APOLLOSTEES May 20, 2005
A spitting blunt is when a marijuana cigar (blunt) is "spitting" out marijuana when you inhale on it. It is common curtosy to let the person you are passing the blunt to know it is "spitting". This can sometimes be difficult if your own your last hit and it "spits" on you. In this case, you coughingly say "its spittin".
Some marijuana comes out of the blunt and Jimmy says "Its spittin"
by goawaynvrcombak January 24, 2011
Speaking facts, or speaking something badass. Usually in reference to raps, but not always.
Rapper: if she catch me cheatin imma neva tell her 'sorry'

if she catch me cheatin imma neva tell her 'sorry'

Me: damn, this mf spittin'
by _RD_ February 15, 2021
"Spittin' chiclets" takes place when either yourself or somebody gets hit so hard, they have their teeth knocked out.
"Damn, he got hit so hard, he was on all fours in the parking lot, spittin' chiclets"
by Bamchug April 14, 2009