Big 8 inch cock with the hottest girl. He can make your girl cum with one look
Chase has a big Bdubs
by l,mnl,m,lmmn January 25, 2019
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Bdub is a nick-name that means Big Wall and that person is very hot. You need a Bdub in your life.
OMG Bdub came to my house, I got so horny because of his hotness.
by zxcvbnmnbvczx October 29, 2019
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When you are fishing or hunting so far back in the cabbage (woods, forest, cabby, bush, etc.) and there are no other humans for miles. Typically while bdubbing, the fishing or hunting is far above average and most others do not get to experience your success.
Last Friday I went Bdubbing and caught 200 crappies in back bay. Wah!
by Wahhhindacabby March 19, 2021
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A team of 2 brother-like black-hat hackers that are similar to GODS when it comes to the internet. The specialize in DDoS attacks on websites as well as targets, Highjacking multiple accounts including Xbox, Live, Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, AOL, etc. They are definitely a team that you should be scared of if you run across them.
Person 1: Yo nigga did you hear what happened to that skid Meo?
Person 2: Yeah bro he got fucked up and ran sideways by the BDub Bros
Person 1: Fucking GODS!!
by #ExPo August 10, 2013
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