Baylee is a name used for men and women.

Baylee usually has blonde hair and blue eyes and he's really hot and funny. He gets all the ladies and thinks he's smart when he's not. He never gets around but when he needs to bust a nut he will
Boy: wow did you see that baylee guy getting the hottest girl in the school
2nd guy: wow he's so lucky
Wish I was him
by ChuckNorrisManIsSoDope March 09, 2015
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A meaning for sexy babycakes (small boobs)
Natasha: Baylee has such great babycakes.
Kyle: Homosexulicious babycakes!
by bayleesbabycakes December 27, 2009
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The girl who every male drools about, but they don't see her true character. She will lead you on until you fall in love, then she will destroy your heart and soul and throw you in the garbage like a dirty diaper. Stay away. If she doesn't know who you like I suggest you not tell her or in a matter of 3 seconds she will be all over the person like a lion on a dead hippo's carcuss. She can be a good friend to you sometimes. She acts very different around some people than others. No one likes her but they don't want to tell her and start drama. She is always the cause of the drama or in the middle of it all. She considers herself the queen bee and bosses everyone around like they are just slaves answering to her every whim. She will end your relationship in a heart beat just to hurt you. She wants everyone to obey her every command when people stand up to her she'll start a war. I am not gonna lie she has a bitchy attitude. And i am not one to say something like that very often. I wish that everyone would stand up to her and tell her how they really feel, so that she could taste some of her own poison, but everyone is too woosy to do it.

Consider Yourself Warned.
Good pedestrian: I really like Marcus! He is so sweet!
The Baylee: Oh my gosh Marcus oh my gosh you are like the sexiest like beast alive. Wanna hang out later?
Marcus: Sure, (drool) see you then!
Good Pedestrian: (Cry!!!) :*(
The Baylee: Mua Ha Ha!
by Max and Ruby December 22, 2009
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A very trashy hoe, who's vagina gets used more than Google. She's very ugly, and probably has a terrible case of herpes. She thinks she is popular, but really, no one likes her. Lolol.
That Baylee girl gave me a highfive in gym today. I think I got a pound of slut on my hand.
by Cookie-Snooki April 29, 2012
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Baylee, is a friend that is brown haired and REALLY short. You think she's your best friend till she dates your ex boyfriend that your not over yet. Thats when you find out what kinda friend she is.
Person 1 "Look at that girl, with that guy."
Person 2 "I know, thats my ex."
Person 1 "Wow.. Whatta Baylee."
by Someone387 September 17, 2011
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A beautiful girl, usually brunette. She’s very kind, and all the boys like her. She just doesn’t realize it. She has very nice friends. She is very smart and she doesn’t care about what people think. She is Baylee.
We need more people like Baylee around!
by Just-me- December 31, 2017
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Usually chubby, likes to copy people, scared to talk to boys and is fake on social media. Also can be very stuck up over retarted reasons.Likes to try on really tight stuff. Thinks she looks good in things skinny girls would wear. Thinks she is naturally blonde but she isn't. Likes to say "you don't know what's going on in my life" when her phone really just died at school.
Don't be a Baylee. Don't be a thot.
by smideys February 19, 2015
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