Very cute , amazing , loving , beautiful , intelligent girl . Usually a brunette . Always has the best of friends .If any of her friends have a problem , she will be right there beside them . Every guy loves her but she doesn't know it . Everyone in her school would love to have her . Usually short . But has BIG BOOBS. Very good kisser . Known to like a lot of boys , but keeps a spot in her heart for the special and right one .... Your perfect soul mate.
1; Wow , i wish i had Baylee.

2; She will be mine.
by AnonymousLoser2011 October 29, 2011
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sexy, smart and old fashion. very pretty blonde hair.
boys drule over her but she is clueless about it.
very popular in school and is very out-going.
always puts others in front of herself.
loves god and her family.
but has a hard time opening up to guys.
she has a gaurded heart, and is waiting for the right guy.
wow shes amazing, well duhh its baylee.
by preppy8765 July 11, 2010
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An incredible, amazing, caring , beautiful and funny girl. She knows how to make your day and is a girl who can melt your heart. She is an all around amazing girl and should go back out with any guy with the name of Jake.
Guy-"See that really hot chick over there?? What's her name?
Guy 2- "It must be Baylee."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
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a girl who has beautiful blond hair. blue eyes. tall but not too tall. a cheerleader, a dancer, and a girl who loves to get along with everyone. she is bubbly and has been in love with the same boy since seventh grade. everyone loves her
by Shane masochistic March 12, 2011
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Brunette girl. Shes short and has big jugs. Shes an embarrassment to nature but is hilarious. Very funny. Everybody likes her.
by Bitchesloveme May 27, 2012
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The very image of beauty and intelligence. She's equipped with a gorgeous smile and a personality to kill. Blonde hair, charming green eyes, and a sweet voice that'll make you feel like you're on top of the world.
H- "Did you see that girl in Mrs. Little's Concurrent Class?"
G- "Yeah! She's such a Baylee."
by Linguisticallyinclined January 27, 2017
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A beautiful girl, usually brunette. She’s very kind, and all the boys like her. She just doesn’t realize it. She has very nice friends. She is very smart and she doesn’t care about what people think. She is Baylee.
We need more people like Baylee around!
by Just-me- December 31, 2017
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