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This is the person who waits for you to leave the office bathroom so they can finish their business.
Even if you need to comb your hair, just leave fast if there's a bathroom staller in the bathroom. It's just too much pressure for everyone.
by babymikey27 April 20, 2015
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An absolutely lavatorioushly rrretardated conservative man boy, lovers if you will, of the male man pusswassian, who regularly just hasssss to have their sex with a meat lovers pizza and a cup of toilet. They make no sense and neither does this definition, but fuck it.

Church of the Evacuate Digestion
bathroom staller: Psst, hey buddy, you know what would go good with this toilet? *tap* *tap* *tap*

guy in next stall: get the fuck outta here you bathroom staller. you're holding up the nation.
by Church of the Evacuate Dig October 08, 2011
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