A song written by Slug of the musical duo Atmosphere. Quite possibly one of the deepest, most thought provoking hip-hop songs out there. Undoubtedly about Slug's drug abuse, he uses lyrical analogies such as "I promise I'll smile. And check the floor, God's got nice tiles," telling his son, Jacob Miles, that he'll be watching over him if the abuse ever claims his life.
"Tell Jacob Miles to keep it wild-style. I promise I'll smile. And check the floor, God's got nice tiles."

-"God's Bathroom Floor" - Atmosphere
by Spectactic August 23, 2010
The place where all the kids go for some fun! like a little bit of nic as well as the place where the party starts
Let’s go for the 4th floor bathroom
by nicotine February 22, 2020
When you need to piss and don't make it to the toilet but make to the bathroom and you just fucking release all over the floor, like seriously I have never seen such a sheer quantity of piss in my entire life before. I weighed myself after and I lost like 5 kilo's seriously what the actual fuck?! I don't think that's physically possible for my bladder to hold that much piss.
Piss covered bathroom floor

Person 1 (me): I just pissed all over the bathroom floor.

Person 2(my mom): what the fuck is wrong with you? This is why dad left.
by Bathroom floor pisser May 2, 2022