1. A much more polite term used to describe someone willing to be treated like a "cum rag".

2. The act of swinging your partner over your shoulder after they exert whorish behaviour.
A: So what happened last night?
B: Dude! She was a total bath towel!
by eggsandmoreeggs February 14, 2022
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(v) The act of shitting in a bath towel and stuffing it in the linen closet. Performed at a party to which you were not invited but are too drunk to leave.

(n) A towel that has been shat in and stuffed into the linen closet.
Sole: Did you about Tau on Friday night?

Junior: What happened?

Sole: He crashed some Palagis party and left them a Samoan Bath Towel.
by fmitga July 19, 2011
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When you use a small Mexican child to dry yourself after a shower or whenever you happen to be wet and a small Mexican child is present.
Jose was a very good beaner bath towel for everyone at the pool party.
by Moist butt hole February 27, 2016
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