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A town on the South Coast of Australia, popular with tourists over the warmer months. It doesn't have much going for it except for the Bay Soldiers Club and the Bayview - which sees local bogans mix with fully sik hectic bros from Canberra for a few wild hours until lockout at 12am. The oval opposite the country club is a known hot spot for parties, and interstate private school lowies can be found wandering no where in particular at all hours on the main arterial roads - especially Beach Rd. Better than Ulladulla and Moruya.
Let's go to Batemans Bay for the weekend. Bayview and Soldiers, bro! It will be sik.
by wogbox November 23, 2009
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It is a good town, the people in it ruin it. Arguments get created over the tiniest thing and then fights begin. It's a giant game of Chinese Whispers.
Person: Are you going to Batemans Bay?
Girl: No way! That place is a shit hole!
by Ilikesomepiee November 05, 2012
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the source of all evil in the world. its immediate erasure would be advisable.
by Murcida June 18, 2003
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