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The quickest and easiest sandwich ever made, usually consists solely of two slices of bread with a condiment in the middle. It is left as one big sandwich, never cut, it doesn't contain butter and is awarded extra points if it consists of both white and brown bread or made in under 25 seconds.
Can also be reffered to as a-
-student sandwich
-ad-break sandwich
-midnight sandwich
-late-for-work sandwich
-home made fast food
-one course meal for one
DAVID: oh my god, i just noticed the time and made the fastest batchelor sandwich ever...12 seconds flat, AND i had to put the tomato ketchup and butter back in the fridge :D
MILES: 12 seconds?! that's impre...did you just say butter?...that's not a batchelor sandwich, that's just a quick lunch.
by Mazzerboy May 12, 2009
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