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Bartlett niggas. Bartlett Tn is full of whites and Asians and Mexican who think they are the shit. Bartlett is the nicest suburb in Memphis tn , maybe in the United States . Bartlett niggas more Opp then the police. Most or all Bartlett niggas are white , claiming Crip and Gd for fun. Not knowing they could be killed doing all that False Claimin. Bartlett high school is where they attend , and Bartlett high is the nicest school in the subdivision on Memphis . Most people don’t like Bartlett. If you go To Bartlett , People Around you may fall you a “ Bartlett ah nigga “ as it may be offensive as calling you Brewster and peon Ash.
Look at that group of white niggas,they some bartlett niggas Dude threw up Gd and blood we gotta Get On His ahh
by Dova Boy March 13, 2019
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