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Ranked the "number one school in spreading gossip and getting in other people's business and being hypocritical" in the State of Oklahoma and in the central region of the United States.

Also known as "Shady B".

A very small amount of people are in the "stu-co" or "pom" group, and even though no one likes any of them, they think they run the school, although not a soul cares about what they have to say. When they do ANY of the things they make gossip about everyone else doing, somehow it is "okay" (hence the hypocrisy). They all meddle in every small piece of meat they can get their hands on, and congratulate and support their own for the same issues.

Bartlesville High School (11-12) must not be confused with Bartlesville Mid-High School, which is for the 9th-10th grade. Bartlesville Mid-High is known for the disgusting bathrooms and classrooms and ridiculous authorities.
"You are transferring to Bartlesville High School? You're in for some serious drama!"

"Why does everyone in this school lie so much?"
"Because it's Bartlesville High School."
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