A know-it-all recruit in basic military training.
Trainee Adams: "Tsgt. Smith made me do 20 pushups, according to Air Force BMT standard rules and regulations, an MTI is not permitted to make a trainee do more than 15 pushups as punishment."

Trainee McGee: "Dude, stop trying to be a barracks lawyer."
by NIKKINEBULA January 30, 2012
1) UK: A member of the British army that knows every paragraph, clause and sub clause of the Kings or Queens regulations, a book regulating discipline in the British forces.

2) A person that can get out of trouble by a thourogh knowlege of the rules.
Squady 1: Private Houdini's been charged with insubordination, do you think he will be found guilty?

Squady 2: Nah! He will get away with it again by quoting Queens regulations, he is a true barrack room lawyer.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004