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A man who has a ninety thousand dollar job senior year of high school, who may or may not be a world leader, who once had a party so epic a pig's head ended up in his bathtub, who needs no sleep, who might be robotic, who is known to break the arms of those who surprise him, who will never cut off my dick.
by hungrybear May 26, 2012
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a poet and jack of all trades, even a thief if a need arises, a bard is welcome everywhere because of his beautiful songs
The bard was playing a ballad and the whole inn went quiet, listening to his song.
by Morte October 12, 2003
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bad and hard at the same time
Life is BARD man...
by stream lullaby January 20, 2019
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a girlish man who likes to play the harp
"Mark is a little bard."
by Anjew July 17, 2003
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(adverb) bar'-ding
1. The exaggeration of something to dynamic proportions.
2. To act as a bard, making one's self look heroic
3. Being stupid to impress friends over trifle.
Person A: "I defeated my enemy in unarmed combat!"
Person B: "Person A got in a tickle fight with his girlfriend. I hear he won this time."
Person C:"Dammit, there he goes, barding again!"
by Squall_of_Lincoln July 15, 2005
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To show a person that he/she has just been majorly insulted
Billy: I have a new girlfriend
Tom: Dude, that's your cousin
Billy: No... wait... you're right
Tom: Ha ha, DANG BARD!!!!
by Bard Master January 9, 2005
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VERB ~ Past tense of the infinitive "to borrow."
My bother bard my pickup truck.
by manus June 3, 2004
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