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When saying "my bad", insterting bard rather than bad is a nice twist that is not expected. Or you could just not be a fuck up and never be at fault to have to say "my bad".
Damn, I want to split that bitches' oak. Oh my bard man, i didn't realize that was your mom.
by Pedro December 5, 2003
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A young man who stays at home all day and plays PS2. "Brad is Bard" B-rad!
Bradley = Bardley
Brad is a bard, because he is bard.
Tuoch your shoulder then throw hand to a 90degree angle, palm facing up, hitting someone in the arm, while saying "BAHHH".
by Bardley October 24, 2003
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One who plays bass and has one extremely awesome baby toe.
"Viva la Bard"

"Bard is B-rad!"
by Heidi April 13, 2004
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when you're so bored, and you're bored of saying bored, that you're bard.
Sean: im bard
Brad: im bard too
Sean: im brad the bard.
by rgx2richez April 9, 2020
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From the Gaelic "bàrd". A poet, musician, and entertainer. Also called a "minstrel" in some circles. Known through Latin as a "troubadour".
Strumming his lute, the bard sang of a tragic hero's love for a fair maiden, inciting fawning from the ladies of the court.
by Lorelili April 2, 2005
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an ultraliberal, hippie dippie college in Annandale New York. Immoralized by Walter Becker of Steely Dan Fame who cursed the college in his song "My old school"
You're gonna live in a commune and make beaded belts? What, Couldnt get into Bard?
by Connecticutdoc June 20, 2009
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