A politician who, despite his good speaking skills, is running on a cliche of change for the worse that this country doesn't need. He is inexperienced and doesn't have a prayer to win the general election because he is black. He is young and could afford to wait another eight years; to not wait and give an older Hillary Clinton, aka Hilldabeast, a chance at the presedency just proves the point that he is power-hungry and only wants to further himself for selfish motives.
"Are you voting for Barack Hussein Obama?" "Definately!" (Well, I'll tell you that, but you know he's black, so no).
by The Right Wing January 06, 2008
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The 44th president of the United States who couldn't read fluently without a teleprompter, tried to "fundamentally change America", created the godforsaken "Obama Care", regulated the shit out of small businesses, and plunged America into 19 trillion dollars in debt in only eight years.

(and people say he didn't do anything)
Does Barack Hussein Obama hate America?
by Buttkiss McLarrybird February 21, 2017
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