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A sexual position popularized by the Chirucaua Apache tribe of Indians during the early 1920s in which the male partner pours unleaded gasoline (usually without the knowledge and/or consent of his partner) onto the breasts of the female partner and then uses a strike-anywhere match to light the said gasoline on fire. After a suitably high temperature is reached, the male partner begins titty-fucking the female partner, adding gasoline as necessary to keep the inferno alive. After finishing on the female partner's face, both the male partner and the female partner light cigarettes with the remnants of the gasoline fire, however this last step is optional.
Matt: Dude i totally gave Cindy the Bangladesh Fire Demon last night!
Sam: Holy Shit man! How'd you convince her to let you?!
Matt: I told her it was scented oil man and she totally bought it!
Sam: Sweet!
by mohawkskiier78 November 03, 2009
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