Slang for 'a large poo.' When your desperate for a MASSIVE shit. Also if you wait long enough your poo could turn 'banging.'
Person: This shit just turned banging.


Person 1: Gosh I need a Banging Shit.
Person 2: How do you know its Banging?
Person 1: Because I tell its going to be huge!!
by Rebbs July 05, 2010
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The Banging Shit: The shit the morning after the night before. Can sometimes take a liquid form (piss shit), it can also take its colour from the previous nights alcohol.

Non-realise of the banging shit will lead to a compacted rectum.
"I just took the banging shit, now I feel ready to go drinking again"
by aregee December 01, 2006
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To inject a drug intravenously. To shoot up. Often used in relation to heroin, but equally applicable to any water soluble drug that one can inject into their veins.
"Man, I don't even get high no matter how much black I smoke anymore."

"Fuck it. You gotta bang that shit, homie."
by BeardyBattyR January 14, 2021
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Person 1: Man what took you so long?
Person 2: Oh I was banging a shit!
Person 1: Ah fairs.

"I'm just going to bang a shit, brb."
by dredrey September 20, 2015
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originally a very sparingly used phrase exclaiming a girl's hotness, and ones want to engage in sexual intercourse with her, it's recent use as an example of an innappropriate statement has led to the wide use of "bang that shit" as a random exclamation, when one has nothing better to say
1. "Damn, that girl is fine!"
"Bang that shit!"
"what! I ain't heard any nigga say dat since pre school!"

2. "Yo man, OutKast's new album is sick!"
"Bang that shit!"
by horkypoo December 21, 2003
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an almightily painful shit that steams out of your arse and splatters the toilet bowl, erousing the suspicion of anal explosion, also known as the curry fucker or the indian revolution.
oh God no, it's coming, it wont stop, FUCKIN' BASTARD! MY RECTUM IS ON FIRE!

Tom are you ok dear?
by Tom Hubbard April 30, 2005
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- an expression which usually means having a good night sex with someone, but not in all cultures
If a Greek says he is going to bang the shit out of someone, be warned: what it really means is "we are going to watch a movie about sardines".
by theperfecthost July 05, 2014
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