Bandanas (usually red) worn by hxc kids. Represents good music. The most common way hxc kids wear them is around the neck, as a headband or around the arm. If you don't wear it any of those three ways, you're a n00b.
Craig: Dude that hardcore bandana is rape.
by holy fuck it's ali. May 8, 2008
A green bandana / flag is worn by the Bay Area Crips (BAC) on the left pocket. They usually wear black and green to represent the Hyphy Movement.
Example1 )
Thomas: Aye wuts that foo doin wit a green bandana at texas?
Joey: Hes from the Bay, hes just tryin to spread the Hyphy Movement.

Example 2)
Green & Black is worn all around the Bay Area, CA.
by ThizzNation April 18, 2008
Another word to describe a condom! scrumdilliumptious
"Before we did it, I had to put on a banana bandana."
by YOURGRANMA March 7, 2009
The act of Tieing a bandana around your face as a mask to hide your face so you cant be identified while performing a felonious act!
PERSON #1 Hey homie that punk down the street is runnin his mouth and needs to get taught a lesson are you down?
PERSON#2 hell yea BANDANA UP dawg lets go show him how we do things around here!
by Whyme0666 March 16, 2017
A handkerchief that is used to blow your nose-synonymous with snotrag. The handkerchief may also be used to wipe sweat from your brow or used to hold something dirty. It is a useful tool, but handle someone elses bandana at your own risk. snotrag, snot rag, booger, snot, runny nose, sweat, fear dew, handkerchief, bandana, rag, sweat rag, do-rag
I hate wearing these shorts because the pockets are shallow and my booger bandana sticks out of my back pocket.
by joecoolthefool March 2, 2016
A red headgear usually worn by hardcore (HxC) kids so when they get kicked in the face at hardcore shows, they can take it off, clean themselves up, and not make a scene.
HxC noob: Yo I got kicked in the face.
HxC pro: too bad you didnt wear a hardcore bandana, i got kicked in the face too but i cleaned it up with mine.
HxC noob: oh
by Homieamndude September 7, 2008
Trinitarios, representing DPL (god, homeland, liberty) attractive men
by Worldwide Defenitions November 14, 2020