It's not just any other Waddle Dee from the Kirby series.
Bandana Dee is our god
by betthebrett November 2, 2018
Unarguably the best era of Harry Styles to have ever existed.
Person: hey whats your favourite harry era?
Me: bandana harry of course
by microwaverry August 30, 2021
When a thug ass Blood is gangbanging, he often sports a red bandana to alert fellow American citizens of his "Thug Nature" and his affiliation to bloods, esp. LA Pirus. IF you where blue around these folks, they will blow your head off.
Stupid White Boy- "Oh shit that person is wearing a red bandana, he must be a thug."

Another white boy wearing all blue: "Nah they are just posers"
(Gunshot and white boy wearing blue is killed)
by KripKilla July 11, 2008
It's dat dank kush that gives the sensation that you are wearing a bandana around your head.
Dave: Yo, it feels like I'm wearing a bandana.
John: Nah man, it's that bandana kush you've been smoking.
by Di'jawn August 31, 2009
A sexual favor offered as a sign of appreciation to a newly arrived tourist from a foreign land.
Gretchen was so happy that William's band played in her remote hometown, she offered him a Scottish bandana.
by Chellacked March 13, 2015
(n.) When a man of Japanese decent places his testicles on the forehead of another man.

Synonym: Snake Eyes
Haruto and Todd grew much closer as friends after Haruto placed his nuts on Todd's forehead, performing a Japanese Bandana.
by leiman_head July 3, 2017
a bandana that is gucci!!!
gucci bandana
by jaz3084 July 14, 2008