A type of hat or article of clothing that you wear on your head or around your neck.
I wore the bandana on Hat Day!
by Kayleigh January 30, 2004
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A head accessory. Mark of the hipster and cool cat. Most commonly worn as a thin strip with the knot on top of the head or with the knot behind the hair.
Sierra: Wow, Wendy has a wicked bandana! Hipsters are really cool. But not the older ones, like, 40. No.

Fiona: Yeah, Cat the Cool Cat also has a cool bandana. Pretty swindy-dink.
by Weirdo asdfghjkl March 06, 2013
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A word you can teach to your friends to make them look like a fool. I.E. It means nothing....
Arg, That was so bandannas.
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What someone says when they fart and burp at that same time. Although very rare, it is a useful word to let someone know that those two body functions happened.
Victor-"Hey guys? Guess What?.....Bandana...."

Jeff-"Yeah right, that never happens"

Kwon-"Well I just heard him burp"

****30 Seconds Later*****

Jeff-"OMG! What is that smell? YOU DID FART?"
by Kreg Keagy July 21, 2008
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