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Noun A group of people that hang out in the school's band room hours before school starts and hours after school ends. Band roomers, though not necessarily band nerds, may be found playing their instruments (or other people's instruments) for hours, for no good reason. They also may be seen eating, loafing around, holding loud conversations, rearranging the chairs and stands, or maybe even building themselves a small shelter out of instrument cases in which to sleep in when they stay overnight. It seems as though they live in the band room 24/7. If left uncontrolled, the population of band room-ers will continue to grow, and the band room as we used to know it will transform into a homeless shelter for weirdo musicians, if such a shelter ever existed.

You may be a band roomer if:
You bring your breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner to eat in the band room.
You come to school before 7 AM for no other purpose than to hang out in the band room.
You are in the band room after 4 PM and you are not a custodian or band director.
You spend a grand total of three hours or more in the band room, not counting band itself.
You live in the band room.
I came to school at 6:45 AM for a sectional and these band room-ers are already there! When I leave, they're still there at 6 PM!

Do these band room-ers have somewhere else to hang out other than the band room???

Band room-ers, please go home!!!
by ShHtsFoReal14 September 27, 2012
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