To have done it all at this point you are a holy being who shall forever be a god the only way to lose banana souls is to stop tweeting BANANA SOULE and then linking alpharad deluxe channel at least once a day
Yo bro I just heard Ellie just told everyone the easy steps to obtaining banana soule!
by Fire_wall876 November 16, 2021
A person who loves to dress up in a banana costume then seductively peel themselves down to arouse on lookers. They often love to eat banana's also, sometimes spread with peanut butter.
"damn that annabelle is such a banana striper, i could watch her eat banana's all dayyyy longggg."
-aroused on looker.
by nottara November 18, 2010
Pretty girls that don't know how to close their legs.
Chris : Hey, your dating Olivia?
Jeff : Yeah. What about her?
Chris : Lol, She's a banana split!
by Http.les April 7, 2015
when a lady opens up her legs and pushes out a banana with ice cream and a Cheri
wanna banana split from steak n shake ?
by chloes-fault May 2, 2022
The action of one male sticking his dick into another mans dick-hole.
Wow he sure did give me a good banana split aye?
by Marty McDicks February 27, 2017