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Traditionally eaten by Corporals of Marines as an initiation proccess. This Marine is then ridiculed for weeks on end until there are no new jokes to discuss. This show is found outside of gate 2 on Kadena Air Force Base Okinawa, Japan
by USMCepedaboi March 16, 2011
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A signature trademark in the Japanese territory of Okinawa. A very disgusting and decrepit old lady inserts several freshly peeled bananas into her snatch. Once they are inside she then internally slices them up, and projects them onto the stage below in perfectly even, and intact pieces.

The highlight of the show is when she tries to get a haplessly drunk audience member to come on stage, and eat the banana she has just chopped up. Similar things have been tried, but this has never been duplicated. Often referred to as a Okinawan Pastime.
Seeing the banana show is definitely a once in a life time opportunity. Just make sure you are somewhat sober. You want to make sure you dont end up as a statistic by actually eating the banana.
by Heywood Jablomy March 08, 2005
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