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A food item made from bananas. They are made by slicing banana and then deep frying or drying them out.

They are similar to potato chips and often cause extreme excitement when thought of.
Harrison: Maybe they have banana chips.

Nico: BANANA CHIPS!! *heart*
by Silly Man super Dude February 28, 2008
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Dried up, crusty-stale bananas. Not being fresh, these usually taste like shit. They are also full of preservatives, and dyes to make them yellow.
The only way that authorities were able to catch the killer, was by analyzing the banana chips that were left in bite-marks on the victim's vagina.
by theSTFUmonster January 26, 2009
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Leftover remains in a man's beard from eating pussy and not washing your face afterwards. Usually seen the morning after. Appear as crispy little flakes.
I had some serious banana chips after eating my girl our last night.
by Meatsaw March 23, 2017
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Wait, are yo seriously eating banana chips and drinking fuck in ketchup? Get the fuck out of here! What you need to do is to get yo lazy ass up and get some hot cheetos, and by like six of these fuckers, and drink the fuck out of it. Mmmm, this shit good, the shit tastes gooder than a bitch!
by Wait, the fuck? September 26, 2017
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