A powerful weapon wielded by Administrators and Moderators alike. It has unparalleled power to ban retards, trolls, hackers (1337 h4x0rz), and the high-pitched ATYO (annoying twelve year old) from chat rooms and games. It is also included in some games as an equippable item with the disputed ability to hit over 9000. Beware the hammer.
Guy 1: Hey what's up?
Guy 2: I was fucking banhammered. >:(
Mom: Use appropriate language!
Guy 1: Was there a mod?
Guy 2: Shut the fuck up of course there was a motherfucking mod.
*Guy 2 has been banned from chat for: Inappropriate language*
Guy 1: Dude you just got banned in real life.
Guy 2: ...
by Ri shai koi nallsh December 20, 2010
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A unwieldy weapon given to some in a server Forum chat room etcetera please select few people are known as moderators the ban Hammer holds the power of what the name implies Banning people most moderators are cool about it and only use their power for good some may use it for evil though
This weapon is known as the ban hammer it's strikes fear into many users and why many users fear moderators for their power because with one command and one Smite and you're off for good or who knows how long
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by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 March 02, 2019
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