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A cheap, handmade, bong made of bamboo. Bamboo is easy to find in its a bong form, sugar cane leaves a strange aftertaste. This thing's real name is a menyo (ayento, a mento, a menso, ayenso) Ayento (amento, amenso) is derived from different asian cultures and languages, it would mostly be gibberish if spoken casually, but has the slang meaning of bong. You make the bong by just cutting a piece of bamboo off at the section end and beginning.
1. Tim: KEV, I know you're a bit skeptical, but... I WENT TO CHINA AND GOT A BAMBOO BONG FOR A BUCK
Kevin: HEY TIMMY, I don't care about your bong? I swear, I've never smoked in my life.

2. Kevin has so much cannabis, but he smoked it through a single bamboo bong in one night.
by HEY TIMMY October 29, 2006
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A bong made of bamboo. Bamboo is ideal because it is cheap and is naturally hollow. Some cultures call this "A menyo" and is rarely found in the trade, as it can be easily hand made, but it is sometimes misspelled ayento or amenya since different cultures have a different alphabet and sounds.
Kevin always says I smoke bamboo bong because I'm chinese.
Don't worry about him, he's a cannabis ninja, he smoked reefer while watching X3 and said Wolverine's pants were indestructable.

Dude, this ayento is huge.
Its a menyo, idiot, now light me up.
by Panda Toker October 27, 2006
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