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1- An affliction causing the sufferer to stumble or fall over at any given time, predominantly, but not limited to, when trying to stand up or sit down.

2- A nickname given to a person who falls over often or seemingly has the ability to trip over flat surfaces or fall over even when sitting down.
1- "Did you see Mal almost fall again??" "Yeah, he's got Bambi Legs."

2- "Haha, Bambi Legs just fell off his bar stool!!"
by Mallaz March 24, 2011
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when a girl has been fucked so hard she gets cramp in her upper thighs.
- to have weak legs like a new born dear.
thanks to chris i've got bambi legs now.
by ChardonnayGlass July 05, 2008
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When you have such an earth-shattering orgasm, it makes your legs buckle when you try to stand up afterwards.
Damn, I just nut so hard I gave myself bambi legs!
by marimo September 02, 2010
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