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When a storm drain in the city of Baltimore swells up during a heavy rain fall. The contents of the storm drain wells up to the top to reveal the varying grotesqueries of Baltimorron street scum, such as: used condoms, beer bottled, urine, feces, jizz, dead rats, roaches, dead cats, dead seals from the national aquarium, loose head hair, McDonalds soda cups, dead human bodies, etc....the list goes on, and on and .....
Dude 1- Hey, I was walking to the subway staion when I stepped into a Baltimore Bathtub. I pushed on a few feet past it, but was overcome by the odor and vomitted all over myself.

Dude 2- Don't worry man, no one will notice on the metro. You'll fit in with all the other dirty scum bags.
by Mr. Asshole August 24, 2006
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