Baloney Sandwich a.k.a Bull Shit.
"Did you see how the media was trying to feed us that Baloney Sandwich about the election?"

"I've had just about enough of your baloney sandwich."
by Zurit November 19, 2016
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The thing you say instead of saying bullshit because you are at a place where you cant curse or because you are a coward
Oh some that's bul- I mean that's some baloney sandwich!
by HamSandwitch September 10, 2019
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When a man sticks his cock between a girls ass cheeks, and fucks them like they are a set of tits.
" fuck dude, I had this chick over last night, and I fucking made a baloney sandwich out of my cock"
by akendall97 June 04, 2009
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A blowjob.....the dick is the baloney, and the lips around it are the bread.
Sure, i'll tag-team your chick with you....just don't try to give me a baloney sandwich on the sly dude...i'm not down with that.
by smouzie July 02, 2010
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A derogatory term for calling someone; specifically a male; a homosexual that likes to "suck baloney" which means that they like giving young underage men blowjobs for free.
Yo that faggot over there is such a Baloney sandwich! He keeps on flirting with all the dudes!
by JoKker.F7 July 05, 2019
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Another word for Nukem Nukem's are dirty whores who meet up with each other and talk about how thankful they are for ugly people taking the jobs they don't want to do
OMG: Did you just use a Baloney sandwich in public??

Yes: i did.
OMG: Baloney sandwiches have aids go get yourself checked.
by cuptothehandz November 18, 2016
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