8th ounce of cocaine (or occasionally another powdered drug), from eight-ball
I can't get you a gram, dude only slangs balls
by T-Science May 10, 2003
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Big, soft, squishy, delicate, and important spherical-ish organs that hang a couple inches below a male's penis. They are kept in a nut sack to regulate the cooler temperature that they need to create sperm. If you hit them on a guy, it is very painful. Guys usually like it when girls feel them and rub them and suck on them.
Oh man, Jenna sucked my balls today and it felt sooo good.
by Bananaandbeans September 05, 2012
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Why the fuck are you searching up balls idiot!Balls are something you don't have.
Guy 1:Wanna hear a joke?
Guy 2:Sure..
Guy 1:Why didn't the clown juggle at the circus today?
Guy 2:I don't know
Guy 1:Because he didn't have the "balls" to do it.
Guy 2:Mom you can't make jokes..
Guy 1 (mom):I made you.
Guy 2:Fuck you
Guy 1(mom):I will
by Bitzboy May 16, 2017
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An extremely unfortunate event in which the dejected participants' visceral reaction is to say "BALLS!"
Spending $40 on mini-pitchers of rum and coke at a bar right before a fire alarm goes off, and then a security bitch says your drinks will still be there when you come back in, but when you do they have been dumped out. Balls.
by cheball July 18, 2008
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where the sperm is brewed
Person 1: Hey, this is tasty, what is it?

Person 2: That's just the sperm that I made in my balls.
by Doctor of Medicine March 01, 2011
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Used as a target when being touched by creepy old guys
Some old guy tried to put me in his van so i kicked him in the balls
by Spartan Monky August 28, 2008
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