1- A word used to show discontent. Synonyms include "fiddle sticks" or "God damnit!"
2- A word used to show suprise. Synonyms include "What the?" "Jesus Christ!" and "Holy Shit!!!"
1- Manager: Yeeeah, so bob called in sick, so i'm gonna have to ask you to work another shift.

Disgruntled Employee: Oh balls!

2. Friend who sees a bird about to fly at his friend: WATCH OUT!

Startled Friend: HOLY BALLS
by Michael Grab July 11, 2008
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Within the sport of tennis, the term hitting refers to the general action of the sport, for example, serving, volleying, playing rallies, etc, using tennis balls. Using this idea of “hitting balls” or the “action of hitting” within tennis connects to the knowledge of the dirty minded. For example, within the specific high school, year 2024 have commence into freshmen year, also inhabiting what is known as a dirty or an inappropriate mind rather. In sense, connecting the term balls, regarding tennis, with freshmen results in jokes made, that avoid the concept of even tennis and refer to male genitalia. During specific days, when in the action of hitting during tennis and when you are done, you will be asked to pick up the tennis balls by the coach, this results in the freshmen to help you pick up the balls and bring along jokes with it such as, “hey bro wanna put my balls in your hopper?,” “look at the amount of balls I’m holding,” “stop touching my balls,” and many more, these have led to traumatic stress while playing tennis I think I’m gay ngl now like wtf, these instances should be confirmed illegal, it will initiate one’s gay, and make them gay, the more gay talk there is, which in the end is gay, these events have led to the downfall of Genghis Khan.
Bro the freshmen are talking about balls again
Stop talking about balls
by Booti banditaids March 17, 2021
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1) what you got if your a real man
2) items of value that should be protected and repected
3) an interjection
That mother fucker has some real balls
Dont touch my balls dude
Balls, is cold as hell outside or
Balls, you scared me
by superum March 6, 2009
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Nickname of an elderly fellow employee given because of his testicular size and ability to stand up for his opinions.
I'm glad Balls is on the insurance committee...he won't take any crap from anyone!

Balls is gonna need surgery on his left nut...it's pretty swollen.
by Chuck Butler September 11, 2008
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What I like to suck on when I give YOU head.
I play with them and suck on them with my tounge ring
by Luvangel311@aol March 24, 2003
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"Arrrrgggggg me balls!"
by Cobble935 May 19, 2020
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