An extremely unfortunate event in which the dejected participants' visceral reaction is to say "BALLS!"
Spending $40 on mini-pitchers of rum and coke at a bar right before a fire alarm goes off, and then a security bitch says your drinks will still be there when you come back in, but when you do they have been dumped out. Balls.
by cheball July 18, 2008
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That place where men store they're sperm needed to create babies; Slang for bravery.
by MaDawgTT February 5, 2015
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Used as a target when being touched by creepy old guys
Some old guy tried to put me in his van so i kicked him in the balls
by Spartan Monky August 29, 2008
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1: An expression of dismay.

2: Discribing something unsavory or unsatisfactory.
1: We missed the bus? Balls!

2: This new video game you bought is balls. I beat it in two days.
by Psy Peterson March 14, 2009
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A man body part located under the penis used to create and store cum
Chad : Hey Kiersten wanna tickle my Balls you will receive a yummy surprise if you do?
Kiersten : Uh No! And pull up your pants were in public!
Steve : Oh La La La!
Chad : OOOOO! Jesus Christ! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Steve: MMMMMMM! Yummy!
Chad: Oh Steve your such a sneaky guy!
Steve: I just love to tickle Balls!
Chad : Good Now Suck Them!
Steve: Mmmmm! Lalalalala Ahhhhh!
Chad: Damn Steve you sure know how to handle a guy's Balls!
Kiersten : Well that was a bunch of disgusting!
by SlopNChop September 3, 2017
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1. A term use to describe something you dislike.
2. A term used to describe something you like.
3. A man's testicles.
4. A word that should never be used to describe how you feel about something as it is too ambiguous and no single positive or negative understanding has been reached.
"My balls are balls. Too bad you can't tell whether that's a good thing ro a bad one"
by Hannover August 1, 2005
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