When you think you shut down a conversation that is boring you or you are bored with the situation you are in.
Complete silence.... Then you hear "Balls on top!" Said by Austin
by Austin's Goddess 💋 February 8, 2018
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Another phrase to describe Sunny Side-Up Eggs. No one (except my family for some reason) uses this phrase. Please, for the love of God, start using this phrase! I've used it my whole life thinking it was common BUT ITS NOT! I don't want be the only one that uses it!!
Denny's Waiter: What will you like to order?
Customer: I'll have an Egg with a Ball on Top.
Denny's Waiter: ... I'm I supposed to know what that is? What the hell do you mean?
by ema1997 July 7, 2021
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Use the phrase " balls top" in the same manner as the "F" word. When your elated, when your angry, when your bored. The meaning is determined by your mood and tone......balls top!!
"I'm sweating like a fat kid in a candy store with no money, balls top"
by EmJay "Balls Top" August 2, 2021
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Can be used in any mood or context. Use it in any way you desire
Cheers to our win, balls top!
by BumbaRed78 August 4, 2021
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