1) Noun- used as a replacement for the word "condom." In doing this one can secretly suggest he needs or has condoms.

2) Verb- When one says they're "making" balloon animals, it means they are having or going to have sex. This is done to secretly suggest that one is having, going to, or had sex.

1) as a girl is sitting on his lap, a guy turns to his friend and asks; "bro, im definatly gunna need some balloon animals tonight...can you lend me some?" (Girl remains oblivious)

2) Guy asks his friend (in front of his parents), "What did you do last night?" Second Guy: "Ahh nothin, the girlfriend came over and i made some balloon animals. Even one time in the shower." (parents remain oblivious)
by dudehonestlywtf@yahoo.com August 06, 2006
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when laying on your back and someone licks your ass and pushes your legs so far back that you are performing oral sex on yourself at the same time.
last night this chick licked my ass and made me suck my own dick at the same time . she called it the balloon animal and it was the shit .
by kaper February 28, 2009
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Someone who is stupid to the third power. The response to their actions or words is frequently, "wow....just....wow."
Was that dude trying to hump a fire hydrant? What a balloon animal.
by grieco August 10, 2010
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The act when you go down on a girl and blow air in her pussy then push here belly in and make her queef and she makes a face like an angry hyaena as her pussy chimes along.
Kevin: Yo my nigga Larry, I ate sarinas pussy and gave her a balloon Animal

Larry: Bro that's spiritual, I'm so jelly
by James pace December 31, 2017
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A sexual act that entails manual or assisted masturbation into a condom.
I was bored, horny and alone. But I did have a condom, so I used it for a balloon animal.
by cockadoodledont June 26, 2017
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