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One whome recieves preasure from sniffing beanbags; Activity frequented by dogs; The unfortunate side affect to the sixty-nine.
That Richard Simmons is a real Ball Sniffer.
by Jak Hammer August 29, 2007
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one that itches balls and smells finger, fingers or hand in delight or pleasure.also known to sniff balls or sack other than his own.
"get your hand out of my pants you ballsniffer."
by dylan margera October 17, 2005
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When one gets a promotion from "Brown Nosing", they are typically branded with the title of "Ball Sniffer" as the next step in their ass kissing career.
Watch how he acts when the boss is around, he is such a ball sniffer!
by SilkyJohnson999 May 01, 2011
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Ball sniffer is 90% of the lobstermen in Casco bay,harpswell Maine. They all follow around one boat setting there traps all around him every where he goes. They're also known as bay maggots.
Jeez brian we just set these traps 3 days ago with no one here but us now we have all these ball sniffers around us.
by scissor fish October 16, 2011
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Someone who responds to an ad for something (usually a car) on a website (usually on Craigslist), and takes up your time checking it out, claims that they will buy it, only to disappear.
Nick: Did you sell that car yet?
Brian: No, that guy that came by was a total ball sniffer...he never called back...which sucks because I told another guy it was sold already.
Nick: What a total handjob! Let's kick his ass if we ever see him again!
by Dave in da Burgh May 19, 2008
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