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Formerly known as Baldwin-Wallace College. BW is a small liberal arts college in Berea, Ohio, which is home to beautiful parks and lakes. Unfortunately, aside from the parks, Berea offers very little except a club called "Wing Warehouse" where students punish their livers with copious amounts of alcohol.

The curriculum at BW focuses heavily on liberal arts and offers many unique classes. One such class is the innovative (and required) course called "Enduring Questions for an Intercultural World" which is widely regarded as a "big fucking waste of time." A BW student is also required to take multiple health and physical education classes because fuck you that's why.

Additionally, BW is home to a world-class conservatory of music, which houses one of the leading Musical Theater programs in the country. And those Musical Theater kids won't ever let you fucking forget it. Despite a shiny new conservatory building, the Musical Theater students still prefer to rehearse their songs in any space that is not a practice room. Campus cafes, dining halls, dorm lobbies, you name it! - there are sure to be Musical Theater students screaming their rendition of "Seasons of Love."

BW is also home to many other notable programs, and has been making headlines around the country for the business, education, and neuroscience programs, and (most recently) for being home to an ecstasy-producing drug lab.

Coe Lake sure is pretty, though.
"Hey, I heard there was a huge drug bust at Baldwin Wallace University!"

"To be fair, drugs are really the only way to cope with those Musical Theater students."
by controlaltdelete October 22, 2012
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