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A tiny, tiny town. Yeah, it may be small.. But mostly everyone is friends here. There are no gangs, big crime. Most kids don't realize how nice it is to grow up in a calm place. Sure, its not that entertaining and fun, but that's what Lawrence is for. Our school is pretty mellow- there's not a lot of drama, and its a fairly happy enviroment. We have a few little stores, sonic, gas stations, a pool, and all that good stuff. It could be worse, guys.. It could be worse.
You grew up in.. Baldwin City?
Yeah! It was a nice childhood, now that I think about it.
by CloudZero June 15, 2012
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One of many awful places to live in the state of KS. Just north of Lawrence, an oasis in the desert. Home of Dollar General, Sonic, the Baldwin City Market, and Baker University. If it were located anywhere else in the state, it might be bearable. But its close proximity to Lawrence shows its sucktitude. Home of the Maple Leaf Festival, another crappy part of a crappy city.
Student 1: My girlfriend goes to Baker, it's in Baldwin City.
Student 2: You have to go to Baldwin. Take some good dank.
by rudeboygerard February 25, 2006
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